Forecasting the Future Requirements of Customers for New Products


  • Aysun KAPUCUGİL İKİZ Dokuz Eylül University



This study focuses on finding a conceptual framework which can be used to predict the future customer requirements (CRs). of the target market segment for new product development. The lack of historical data is a problem for forecasting when it comes to new products, so existing forecasting methods are carefully examined. When developing new products, the first step is to understand the customer needs or requirements and their importance. Then, Kano Model is used to identify customer requirements’ categories, to modify weights and predict the changes of states for each customer requirement. With the help of Markov Chain, the probability of states for each CR is predicted to generate four data points. At this point Grey Theory is a suitable tool, as it only requires four data points for a robust forecast. Grey Model (1,1) is applied to the data to predict the change in weight of CRs. To demonstrate the framework in work, a case study on notebooks has been realized. The framework is illustrated on an example new product.




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KAPUCUGİL İKİZ, A., & ALTINATA, A. (2023). Forecasting the Future Requirements of Customers for New Products. International Journal of Contemporary Economics and Administrative Sciences, 12(2), 868–897.