The Econometric Analysis of Relationship Between Turkish Economy with Maritime Transport




With the globalization that started in 1980, international trade started to be important. The understanding of the market in international markets has brought with it the need for ‘transportation’. The maritime transportation, which enables it to carry large tonnage loads at one time, has created economies of scale, and has become the most preferred transportation system today. Therefore, a parallel relationship is expected between the economy and maritime transport. And 1973 and 1979 world oil crisis that led to structural breaks in Turkey's economy, 1989 Financial Crisis, 1997 in maritime trade in parallel when crises such as the Asian crisis has been observed that examined experienced similar declines.

In this study, we aimed to determine the relationship between Turkey's economy and maritime transport. For this purpose, 2008: Producer Price Index for 1-2016-02 date (PPI) data from the Turkey Statistical Institute (TUIK), Turkey because of the data set for small tonnage of dry cargo vessels Istanbul Freight Index (ISTFIX) provided by. In this research, Vector Auto regressive (VAR) model was used, and Granger causality analysis was performed based on the VAR model. As a result of the econometric analyzes, it was observed that ISTFIX series is the cause of PPI series.




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TÖRE, S., & KİREN GÜRLER, Özlem. (2021). The Econometric Analysis of Relationship Between Turkish Economy with Maritime Transport. International Journal of Contemporary Economics and Administrative Sciences, 12(1), 387–408.