An Empirical Research on the Determination of Consumer Perceptions Related to Mobile Marketing Applications


  • Abdulvahap BAYDAŞ
  • Murat BAYAT
  • Mehmet Emin YAŞAR



Mobile marketing has introduced significant changes to the business world, making it easier to access personalized messages at any time and place. This research was conducted to determine the factors that affect consumer choice for mobile marketing applications. The research data were collected with the help of a face to face survey applied to individuals in Bingöl and Diyarbakır provinces. Data, Frequency Analysis, Importance, Participation Level and Factor Analysis were examined. The study is based on two main axes. The first axis is the mobile marketing applications and the second axis is the effective factors in mobile marketing. In the first axis, it has been seen that there are significant relationships between the variables representing the shopping tendency and behaviour towards mobile marketing applications and the variables in the mobile marketing preference determined in the study. In particular, five variables came to the fore in the research; SMS, Advertising Applications (AA), Customer Rewards (CR), Permitted Message Applications (PMA) and Disturbing Messages (DM). It was found that SMS, AA, CR and PMA factors had a positive effect on purchasing and DM had a negative effect on purchasing. In the second axis, 6 (six) basic elements were determined as a result of factor analysis. The factors in question; effective advertising, complaint behaviour, indifference, unresponsiveness, normality and inconsistency. The factor analysis conducted in the provinces, two different factors were identified in Diyarbakır, where four factors were the same in both provinces (satisfaction, rewarding, complaint behaviour and image). There were three different factors: Restlessness, Indifference and Discomfort in Bingöl.




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BAYDAŞ, A., BAYAT, M., & YAŞAR, M. E. (2019). An Empirical Research on the Determination of Consumer Perceptions Related to Mobile Marketing Applications. International Journal of Contemporary Economics and Administrative Sciences, 9(2), 370–404.