Stacker Selection with PSI and WEDBA Methods


  • Alptekin Ulutaş Sivas Cumhuriyet University



Material handling equipment selection is of great importance for companies as it will greatly increase the efficiency and productivity of the companies and impose a large cost on the companies in case of any wrong choice. In this study, by utilizing an integrated MCDM model consisting of PSI and WEDBA, the selection of stacker, which is one of the material handling equipment, is made. In this study, PSI and WEDBA methods are used together for the first time. In addition, the use of the PSI method to obtain the weights of the criteria rarely appears in the literature. Besides, there is no study on the selection of manual stacker in the literature. Thus, this study aims to fill above-mentioned gaps in the literature. According to results of WEDBA method, the best stacker was determined as "ST5". This stacker was followed by "ST3", "ST4", "ST1" and "ST2" respectively.




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Ulutaş, A. (2020). Stacker Selection with PSI and WEDBA Methods. International Journal of Contemporary Economics and Administrative Sciences, 10(2), 493–504.